About Us

Jeanne Dippel is the owner, creator, and graphic artist for toughasaturtle. Toughasaturtle is a company which is committed to creating greeting cards that not only touch the recipient’s heart, but also bring a smile to their face. Each card is designed with the mindset that this would be a card that we would like to receive ourselves.


The name toughasaturtle was born from a turtle band aid that was given to my niece after she received an injection. The doctor told her that she had been tough as a turtle. With that in mind, my niece then passed it on to her grandmother who was sick with cancer, letting her know that she too was as tough as a turtle. Since then, the expression has remained as a part of our familys legacy.


Our goal at toughasaturtle is to bring hope, inspiration, and smiles through our greeting cards. As a tribute to my mothers strength during her illness, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the cards will be donated to Hospice care.